The Best Strategy Games on PC

The genre of strategy games is rich with brain-stirring, tactical games for PC owners with a vast number of flavors to choose from. If I were to list out the best strategy games for PC released this year, it would be a long list. Thus, I will keep a broad view of this list and give you strategy games I found, from research, to top the list. These don’t only include 2022 games, by the way, because many old games are still trending today. Desperados III Desperados is a game that teaches you the value of considering your actions first […]

The Best Games of 2022 (So Far)

We are two months into the second half of the year, and I’ve already witnessed massive releases of great games. I’m not surprised, though, considering gaming companies plan the release of their games the year before they release them. For instance, I read that Microsoft already has its game itinerary for 2023, with a plan to release games each month. Thus, several games have been released this year already, and these below are some of the best I’ve tried so far. Elden Ring Elden Ring is not just this year’s best-rated game but also a major milestone in the industry. […]

The Best Games on the New PS Plus

PlayStation Plus, Sony’s flagship PS5 subscription service, is replete with many fun, engaging, and immersive games. PS Plus offers online multiplayer functionality, discounts on the PS Store, and hundreds of games at no extra cost.  The membership you belong to on PS Plus will determine the number of games you can download and play. Below are some of the best PS Plus games that are currently available for play. Stray The gameplay of Stray is that of a small orange, homeless cat residing in a robot-inhabited cyberpunk dystopia. You are the cat and you are to solve puzzles, help robots […]

About 123 Cool Games

We are in the era of games as companies are churning out new and improved games every month. 2022 is not over yet, but 2023 is already mapped out for more immersive games featuring advanced technology. If you would love to learn more about these game’s news updates, stay tuned to this blog website. I have dedicated this blog to providing top gaming news, reviews, tips, and everything you need to get a great gaming experience. I have been covering games for a while now and I have to say there is much to discover in the industry. On this […]