The genre of strategy games is rich with brain-stirring, tactical games for PC owners with a vast number of flavors to choose from. If I were to list out the best strategy games for PC released this year, it would be a long list.

Thus, I will keep a broad view of this list and give you strategy games I found, from research, to top the list. These don’t only include 2022 games, by the way, because many old games are still trending today.

Desperados III

desperados 3 game

Desperados is a game that teaches you the value of considering your actions first before taking them. Desperados III features a reinvigoration of a sub-genre left dormant since Desperados and Commandos reigned in the gaming world.

The game combines an elegant communicative interface with smart interlocking character abilities to produce one of the best games ever. In Desperados, you can do the impossible; freeze time and introduce stealth to add more variety to your game.

Into the Breach

This 2018 game is a top strategy game that would easily eliminate every superfluous strategy without taking a hit. The game requires that you only concentrate on the task at hand: saving your guys and helpless civilians from the acid-spitting enemy.

The lives of the hostages hang on every single decision you make, so think carefully. Ringing high drama in every movement made, Into the Breach game became a classic the moment it was released.


XCOM 2 was released in 2016; it is one of the best and most unique strategy games ever released. It remarkably stands out among other games with its excellent expansion of War of the Chosen. Where War of the Chose enters into another continent, XCOM 2 takes a country walk away from 90s XCOM’s tactical complexity.

Crusader Kings 3

Crusader Kings 3 is a strategy/RPG hybrid where you are busy commanding troops and conquering territories. However, you will also have a few worries, including worrying about the life of the ruler you control.

There are also your vassals’ rival ambitions to worry about, and you are afraid of the luster-lacking idiot your daughter just married. However, you need to prepare yourself for when your ruler collapses in the throne room and you reign in his stead.

Crusader Kings 3 creates real stories about actual people and not flanking maneuvers, and that is what makes it more interesting. Additionally, it features a refined interface that makes it more enjoyable than its predecessor.


Stellaris is the last on this list, but by no means the least great game for PC. Released in 2016 by Paradox Development Studios, Stellaris is the company’s first foray into galactic-scale 4X.

Although the game had a rocky start, big updates and DLC expansions made it evolve into something more impressive and varied. This variety gave it a footing and it soon became a sought-after PC-compatible game in the industry.

In this game, you are dealing with gene wars, synth rebellions, as well as imperialistic aliens. Plus, the game features a more pacifistic play than it previously was, becoming a smarter galactic-empire-building game.