We are in the era of games as companies are churning out new and improved games every month. 2022 is not over yet, but 2023 is already mapped out for more immersive games featuring advanced technology.

If you would love to learn more about these game’s news updates, stay tuned to this blog website. I have dedicated this blog to providing top gaming news, reviews, tips, and everything you need to get a great gaming experience.

I have been covering games for a while now and I have to say there is much to discover in the industry. On this blog, I will share the latest video game news, tips on how to play and reviews of exciting releases.

Some of these games I have attempted to play, some I have actually played, and some are based on research. Either way, every piece of information you find on this blog is credible as they come from the industry’s big names. 

Hundreds of games for different platforms and consoles are released yearly, and there isn’t time to test every one of them. However, you need a good idea of the game to know which one is worth your time and money.

With the reviews and news concerning video games covered on this blog, you will stay abreast of trends in the industry. I do more than review the games based on popularity and quality and now include their social status, among other things.

Before I decide upon a game, I consider my personality first before considering the game; we all have different tastes. You may find the game I enjoy boring – plus, several factors contribute to how you choose a game. Most of the time, the game you choose to play will depend on your age, culture, and education level, among other things.

These tricks help me choose the right game to play when I am unsure:

  • Do the game genres help my brain relieve stress? For some, they have to be fast-paced action games or they are boring, and for others fast-paced is overwhelming. If adrenaline-fueled action relieves you of work anxiety, you might enjoy action games more. That explains why military folks prefer first-person shooter games, football players prefer sports games, and college professors prefer strategy games
  • Does the game capitalize on my natural gifts and help me hone my skill? The game should challenge the skills you already have, not make you feel deficient in them. For instance, you may choose puzzle-solving simulation games if you are a pro at solving problems. There are different categories and genres of games, and each one has a skill set it capitalizes on; you just need to find yours.
  • I also consider the gaming hardware I have available; games have the platforms they are built for. Although some are multi-platform games, some are specifically designed for a certain brand of console. Thus, choose the game genre that is perfect for your skills, and then buy one that is compatible with your gaming hardware.

You have chosen your preferred genre and gaming platform, the next thing is how much you have to spend. How much do you want to give or can you afford to spend on gaming?